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Event 2:China AIoT Industrial Annual Conference

With the year coming to an end, it is the perfect time for people and industries to review the past and look forward the future. At the end of each year, Zillion holds the grand"China AIoT Industrial AnnualConference". Together with leading companies, pioneering companies, innovative companies and practicing companies in the AIoT sector, Zillion analyzes the whole AIoT industry chain covering"terminals, edges, communications, cloud, applications, and services",and indicates the annual progress and prospect. These efforts help enterprises to keep up with thefuturetrend, seize opportunities, and jointly drive the industry forward.

During the annual meeting, Zillion will hold a grand award ceremony and release a lot of valuable research reports, which include theAchievements of AIoT Industry Development and Trend Forecast for Next Year, theChina AIoT Industry Ecosystem Map, theChina 5G Industry Ecosystem Map, the AIoT New Pioneer Award list and etc.Hitherto, the"China AIoT Industrial Annual Conference" has been successfully held for two consecutive sessions,thus rising as a top-level annual industry event gathering AIoT insiders.


Time: December every year

Cycle: Annual

Form: Conference & Forum/Exhibition/Award Selection/Award Ceremony

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