Conference introduction

Event 3: China AIoT Conference

The"China AIoT Conference" (hereinafter referred to as"CAC") is a brand event launched by Zillion in 2022. It is held in different cities under varied themes every year. The invited participants range from industry-renowned experts, outstanding corporate representatives, to venture capital elites.In order to expand the application and development of AIoT technology, The Conference mainly reviews the application of AIoT technology across industrial sectors, as well as the newly-introduced models.It aims to be a top-level industry event for integrating technical and academic exchanges, exhibitions and deepened cooperation in the whole AIoT industry chain of China, carry forward the national policy of digital transformation, and promote the sound and rapid development of the industry. The CAC has received wide attention from the industry since its launch.

In 2022, CAC will holdnumerous sub-conferences in Shenzhen, Beijing and more places to come, with themes covering IoT, communications, etc.


Time: March/May/September every year

Cycle: Multiple sessions per year

Form: Conference & Forum/Exhibition

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